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International Business Networking Platform

Your best guide to oversea expansion and access local resources

CiRCLELiNKS is an international business networking platform. Our services enable business associations manage their members more efficiently and understand their members' business needs. And with our network, we can help fulfill the business needs by connecting the right person!

  • PositioningAn international business networking platform. One which solves collaboration difficulties for business associations, and help companies grow across the world.
  • MissionWe aim to gather great businessmen, facilitate valuable connections, and achieve great goals together.
  • VisionWe aim to have renowned, high-quality business groups from all around the world join us on CiRCLELiNKS!

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  • Oversea Expansion
    Connect with prospect and trustworthy business partners
    Acquire first-hand industry information and insights on target market, understand and schedule needed resources, and connect with possible business partners!
    • Oversea Network: Foreign connections just for you, according to countries/ industry/ interest/ needs.
    • Market Insights: Analyze business environment of target market, and explore key success factors of your industry!
    • Business Needs: Promote your needs, and explore new collaboration opportunities!
    • Cross Border Marketing: Customized go-to-market strategy for different target market.
  • Industry Services
    Venture to international market along with your peers, and find oversea expansion opportunities!
    We connect members of the same industry, and explore new business opportunities together. By creating collaboration instead of competition, we bring a different viewpoint to businesses and facilitate new collaboration opportunities!
    • Oversea Solution for Manufacturing Industry: Break the language barrier! Start by building introduction sites in foreign languages and explore foreign sales channel, find quality distributors for products to provide brick-and-mortar services!
    Apart from manufacturing industry, we will be planning for other industries in the future.
  • Media Services
    • Exclusive Interviews: Build a professional image for your brand! Be impactful, be influential!
    • Associations Feeds: Publish your associations’ latest news, and gain exposure!
    • Media Buying: Utilize our ads services to reach your target audiences in the platform!
    • Strategic Alliances: Combine resources, and achieve mutual benefits!
  • Association Services
    The best member management platform for business associations and groups! With efficient management of member information, associations are able to alleviate members’ interactions and bring more value to their members!
    • Association Services: With digitalized tools and secretary services, we make association management easier than ever before!
    • International Networking: Opportunities to interact with other oversea business associations, a great value added to association members!

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New Solution! New Prospects!

CiRCLELiNKS Opportunities Marketplace provides a bulletin board for companies or individuals to publish their needs, including finding international franchising opportunities, business partners, distributors or specific talents, for customised and effective solutions.
Explore New Business Opportunities

Media Sites

  • CiRCLELiNKS Channel
    Circles Channel

    Run by CiRCLELiNKS. We conduct interviews on platform members and share insights from industry leaders, and learn the latest industry trend. Let us learn from the experts, and venture closer to our goals!

  • Thailand Marketing
    Thailand Marketing

    Thailand, the first stop of many Taiwanese businessperson to start their journey of oversea expansion. To help those who wish to work, do business or start a new business in Thailand, Thailand Marketing has assembled all the information and knowledge you need to do business in Thailand, including policies, culture, business environment and many more! We look forward to providing value to all businessperson who are interested in Thailand.

  • World Gourmet Platform
    World Gourmet Platform

    World Gourmet Platform is the place for our food industry members! Here, we connect food-related industry members from different countries, and promote them together by creating content and topics. We aim to bring more exposure to our platform members, and explore oversea expansion opportunities by connecting with possible business partners.

  • Letmesese B2B
    Letmesese B2B

    Letmeseseb2b International Trading Platform contains execellent products from CiRCLELiNKS members. We help our members gain exposure, and connect their product information in the closed platform for their associations, which allows other members to know more about them, and create new business opportunities.