We focus on goals, integrate resources,
strengthen cross-industry interactions!
We simplify business matching procedure and expand your business network
to create new opportunities!

We focus on goals, integrate resources,
strengthen cross-industry interactions!
We simplify business matching procedure and expand your business network to create new opportunities!

CiRCLELiNKS is an internationalized high-end business online networking platform
We invite elites from different industries around the world
We manage business groups with utmost attention
Create valuable connections that belong only to you
Interact with different groups on one business networking platform
Expand your network and ultilise different resources


A high-end internationalized business networking platform
Aim to solve collaboration problems for high-end business groups, assist company grow across the world


Gather great businessmen in one place, connect them and achieve goals together


Have renowned high-end business groups around the world join us on CiRCLELiNKS

Platform features – Groups

  • Gain cohesion for groups and create influences
  • Provide brand exposure in various high-end business groups
  • Provide brand marketing for products and services
  • Provide customized digital profile for individuals or companies
  • Improve group’s brand awareness and influences
  • Provide digital customer services consulting and industry consulting services to paid-up members
  • Cross-border and cross-industry business matchings

Core value

    Exclusive Services

  • We dedicate ourselves to providing professional services; We provide business groups with professional consulting services and secretary services, improving group management efficiency and promote brands via social network.
  • Team Growing

  • We encourage groups to learn from each other on the platform; We provide assistance to solve their problems, help groups promote themselves, find breakthrough in their businesses and stay connected to groups from different countries and background.
  • Business Collaborations

  • From groups to individuals, we select suitable collaborators according to our clients' needs; We provide business matchings and initiate business collaborations in a reliable and pragmatic way.

Platform features – Individuals

For the Invited Only

To ensure the quality of our members and business matchings, we adopt an invited-only policy

Professional Matchings

We provide our clients with carefully selected connections, and initiate business collaborations to solve their needs with great precision.

Closed Platform

The platform adopts a closed management system, your information will be viewed only by high-quality, selected members.

Exclusive Secretary Services

Platform secretaries will help our clients solve their problems, as well as providing professional business advices and assistances.

If you wish to own a business network on a platform that provides professional and exclusive matching services

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Other Possible Collaborations


A we-media exclusively for CiRCLELiNKS, we collect information on elites from various industries and conducts interviews regarding different topics on excellent individuals; We can help you showcase your professional skills and services, know the latest business trend, learn from successful figures and get closer to your dreams.

  • 【Business】Conduct interviews on senior executives, let us look into the latest business trend from case study and insights sharing
  • 【Learning】Learn outside the classroom, enjoy the beautiful arts in life, immerse yourself in the boundless sea of knowledge
  • 【Health】Facing aged society and long-term care problems, healthcare must be paid attention to while we are young, let us embrace the sunshine and enjoy life
  • 【Books】Recommended based on different topics, be refreshed and inspired in the world of literature
  • 【Shops】Foods, clothes, accommodations and travel, be the expert in life
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Thailand-Marketing Total Solution

The birth of Thailand-Marketing Total Solution includes the three most important ideas: [ We love Taiwan and Thailand ], [ We aim to create contents that Taiwanese and Thais are interested in ] and [ Our Services: provide integrated marketing solutions for companies located in Taiwan and Thailand ].

If you wish to work, make trades or start a new business in Thailand, you may not be familiar with the procedures, you may face problems and you may feel lost… Come to us Thailand-Marketing Total Solution, as the answers to the problems you have, including the advices and directions, are exactly what we hope to share.

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